We Only Find Them When They’re Dead – Comic Review

A new intergalactic adventure is making waves at Boom! Studios for the new title We Only Find Them When They’re Dead, pins the survival of the human race on finding scarce resources on the corpses of alien gods.   Al Ewing creates a universe with unknown wonders in deep space as the crew of the autopsy […]

The Last Ronin – Comic Review

A new story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is here as IDW Publishing delivers the ultimate story of loss and revenge. The new ongoing series The Last Ronin will focus on Michelangelo as he sets out on a mission to avenge his fallen brothers. The lone turtle will takes arms against the Foot Clan […]

My Thoughts on Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

For 15 years, Call of Duty has been part of my gaming realm, as the second FPS game I played, and the only franchise that I stuck with even through their darkest times. Admittedly, I fell off with the franchise after the nightmare that was Call of Duty Ghosts, and I refused to support them […]

Seven Secrets – Comic Review

#Boom!Studios Boom! Studios creates a new original series called Seven Secrets. Tom Taylor builds upon this new adventure by writing action, suspense, and mystery all around these seven briefcases that hold the power to change the world. Each briefcase is assigned to individuals who are responsible for holding the case and another to be the […]

The Green Hornet – Comic Review

Dynamite Entertainment unlocks a tale of action, crime-fighting, and suspense in the return of The Green Hornet. Scott Lobdell writes a whole new journey for the man dressed in green Britt Reid, The Green Hornet. In the ongoing series, witness the unforeseen situations Reid and martial arts expert Kato encounter.  In this tale they find […]

No One’s Rose – Comic Review

No One’s Rose is a fresh new story from Vault Comics one that explores a society inside the last stronghold against the harsh plains of Earth. Together Emily Horn and Zach Thompson write a new form of climate and environmental survival. The ongoing series brings together elements of nature and science. An exotic utopia built around […]

The Goon – Comic Book Review

Albatross Exploding Funny Books comes together with a comic book that is daring and fun with dark themes of the supernatural and jabs of comedy. Eric Powell writes The Goon, a story filled with adventure, danger, and wit as Goon tries to navigate through a life of unrelenting crooks and monsters.  Eric Powell has the […]

Undiscovered Country – Comic Book Review

Undiscovered Country All Ages of Geek

Image Comics puts together a post apocalyptic story that has twists and turns at every corner in Undiscovered Country. Scott Snyder and Charles Soule write a scenario of life, death, and survival. When the United States closes itself off to the rest of the world for over thirty years an unlucky group of diplomats, scientists, […]

Low – Comic Review

A tale of science fiction and humanity as Image Comics brings forth a story from the mind of Rick Remender in Low. The comic explores the vast waters underneath the earth’s surface and the civilizations emerged below the Earth’s oceans to escape the toxic radiation of the sun. Rick writes a story of loss, exploration, […]

Justice League Odyssey Review

DC Comics takes a voyage to the far reaches of space as a new team of heroes comes forth in Justice League Odyssey. The team assembled is one by chance and luck being Starfire, Cyborg, Azrael, and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.  Joshua Williamson writes a journey for our heroes filled with depth and ambition as […]