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All Ages of Geek has Kanon in store for you. Today we react to Episode 1. Join us every week for new Kanon adventures!

About Kanon

Yuichi visits his cousin for the first time in years and discovers a haunting fact: he has no recollection of any previous visits. The pieces of the puzzle that might explain the gaps in his memory begin to appear—a beauty with blazing tresses; a girl with the winged backpack; a sword-wielding demon slayer. Now, Yuichi must put his missing past together in the vaguely familiar present.

What is All Ages of Geek’s Weeb Watch-a-Thon?

Need a group of friends to experience anime with? All Ages of Geek is here to bring back nostalgia in fandoms, and give long analysis of your favorite episodes. Anime is best experienced when you have someone to watch it with. So hang out with the All Ages of Geek Crew and binge your favorite anime and shows together.

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