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Kamen Rider Build Characters – Top 10

Kamen Rider characters (especially Kamen Rider Build characters) have a special place in my heart and I need to discuss. Hey there, fellow Kamen Rider fans! Today, we’re diving into the world of Kamen Rider Build, a series that’s packed with action, heart, and some seriously cool science stuff. There’s no denying that the characters in Build are what make it truly special. Let’s countdown the top 10 characters that bring this show to life!

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10 Kamen Rider Build Characters that stand out!

Sento Kiryu from Kamen Rider Build holding a transformation device, with bandages on his face and looking determined.

1. Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build

Ah, Sento. The brainy hero with a mysterious past. Sento’s a genius physicist who’s always tinkering with gadgets and figuring out how to save the day. His journey from a solitary inventor to a team player is a real joy to watch. Plus, his sense of justice is pretty inspiring!

Ryuga Banjou from Kamen Rider Build in a determined pose, holding a transformation device, wearing a blue jacket and looking focused.

2. Ryuga Banjou/Kamen Rider Cross-Z

Ryuga starts off as a hot-headed fighter with a rough past. Wrongly accused and always ready for a brawl, his loyalty and bravery quickly shine through. His bromance with Sento is one of the highlights of the series, giving us both laughs and feels.

Misora Isurugi from Kamen Rider Build, smiling brightly with her arm raised, wearing a colorful headband and headphones, in front of a colorful background.

3. Misora Isurugi

Misora is more than just the girl behind the scenes. Her ability to purify the Smash essence and her sassy attitude add a lot of charm to the team. She’s got a big heart and a mysterious connection to the story’s deeper elements.

Kazumi Sawatari from Kamen Rider Build, smiling joyfully with his hands clasped together, wearing a fur-lined jacket.

4. Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease

Kazumi is the farmer turned hero, bringing grit and determination to the team. His love for his fallen comrades and his journey to find a new purpose make him a standout character.

Gentoku Himuro from Kamen Rider Build, holding a transformation device, looking serious and determined, wearing a black leather jacket.

5. Gentoku Himuro/Kamen Rider Rogue

Starting as an antagonist, Gentoku’s redemption arc is one of the best. His transformation from a power-hungry villain to a repentant hero adds a lot of depth to his character.

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Evol Cobra Form from Kamen Rider Build, a detailed and colorful armored suit with red, gold, and blue elements, featuring a helmet with prominent horns and intricate design.

6. Soichi Isurugi/Evol Cobra

Soichi is a complex character with his own agenda. His charisma and cunning make him an intriguing part of the series, keeping everyone guessing about his true intentions.

Nariaki Utsumi from Kamen Rider Build, wearing a suit and glasses, holding a metal rod, and shouting with intense emotion in a desert-like environment.

7. Nariaki Utsumi

Utsumi’s loyalty and ultimate betrayal bring a lot of twists and turns. His evolution from a background character to a key player is both surprising and satisfying.

Sawa Takigawa from Kamen Rider Build, smiling and holding up a notebook with notes, dressed in a grey blazer, in a warmly lit room.

8. Sawa Takigawa

Sawa is the journalist who digs deep to uncover the truth. Her bravery and resourcefulness make her an essential ally to the team.

Kengo Ino from Kamen Rider Build, standing in front of a large crowd, holding out his glowing red hand, wearing a black suit and tie, with a serious expression.

9. Kengo Ino/Kamen Rider Mad Rogue

Kengo’s brief but impactful presence as Kamen Rider Mad Rogue adds a unique dynamic to the story. His struggle with loyalty and ambition is compelling.

Shinobu Katsuragi from Kamen Rider Build, wearing a white lab coat over a black shirt and red tie, with a serious expression and a plain background.

10. Shinobu Katsuragi

Sento’s father and the original creator of the Build system, Shinobu’s legacy looms large over the series. His actions set many events into motion, making him a pivotal character.

Why Kamen Rider Build and its characters are amazing

Kamen Rider Build isn’t just another superhero series; it’s a fantastic blend of science fiction, drama, and action. The plot is rich with twists and turns, keeping you hooked from the first episode to the last. The character development is top-notch, with each hero and villain having their own unique arcs and motivations.

The themes of friendship, redemption, and fighting for justice are woven throughout the series, giving it a lot of heart. Plus, the gadgets and Rider suits are super cool, combining creativity with cutting-edge designs.

So, if you’re looking for a Kamen Rider series that’s smart, heartfelt, and full of action, Build is definitely the one to watch. It’s a wild ride that’s sure to leave you cheering for more!

Until next time, keep on riding!

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