Indie Game Feature: Sky Jump 3D – Space Fun RTX

An adorable character who jumps in a simple Low Poly UI and in an endless game?
Convinced by just that? Then it’s time for Sky Jump 3D – Space Fun RTX on All Ages of Geek’s review. First up is the game blurb!

“Jumpy Sky is an exciting endless game. You just need to climb higher and higher.
Collect coins and unlock new characters. Play to calm music and relax!”

With calming music and a relaxing style, Sky Jump 3D – Space Fun RTX is almost
endless as you jump and climb the leaderboards. The character has unlockable
versions/skins, and has an adorable appearance, making you want to help them keep
jumping higher and higher to reach their goal.

The coins give you a nostalgic feeling to Super Mario Bros, while the character gives a
small resemblance to Kirby’s cute design. The most rewarding part about Sky Jump 3D –
Space Fun RTX is the music that won’t make you hit gamer rage, but will help you relax
and reach that moment of everyday calm we need on the daily.

Game. Relax. Jump with Sky Jump 3D – Space Fun RTX. Download from the App Store
and Google Play today!

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