“in/habitants” Episode Four “Take care of each other”

“in/habitants” is available on WEBTOON, perfect for anyone looking for a comic that showcases important topics that affect our world. You can learn more about who they are HERE! Episode four “Take care of each other” is another backstory episode. This gives the readers an insight into Eric’s life.

The beginning of this episode shows Eric in physical therapy having to relearn how to do basic skills. With only a few panels “in/habitants” manages to showcase something a lot of people have to go through while recovering from an injury. Getting into Eric’s mind, how he felt like he had to relearn everyday skills is so important to put in a story. A lot of media glorifies what injuries and disabilities look like, not really showcasing the reality of it. But “in/habitants” in a small panel managed to bring awareness to important topics. This can also make a lot of people who may be missing an arm feel more accepted and represented in media. 

Eric’s mother is still fighting for justice for Eric and his father. However they are soon pushed out of the town. Again just like Episode three, Episode four illustrates the reality of racism, and how even in our world things like this happen. Time passes by, the family moves, and Eric expresses how things are starting to look and feel better. 

Eric is shown investing in NFTs. He has been following a group for a while and purchases one of their mask NFTs. He soon creates the mask in real life to have it outside of the digital world. Then another backstory is told several years before. 

The story now follows a father whose wife is in labor. Their twins were born connected. Eager to find out what is going on the doctors soon tell him his wife did not make it through the labor. The young babies had to stay in the hospital for a year to get the surgery so they were no longer joint together. The father would visit everyday. Years pass and we see the two sisters taking care of eachother. One bound to a wheelchair, and the other a caretaker for her sister. They soon discover many overdue hospital bills the father has been keeping secret. It is revealed the family is in a financial crisis. The end of the episode shows the father breaking down and falling to the ground. 

This episode is an extremely impactful one. It illustrates a single parent doing the best he can, two young girls trying to help their family, the daily life of being in a wheelchair, and family bonds. Like Episode three this episode is extremely powerful and brings in real life struggles to a comic allowing representation to be heard in media. “in/habitants” does not shy away from showcasing reality. Be sure to stay updated with all their chapters. 

Website – https://inhabitants.zone/

Webtoon Series – https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/inhabitants/list?title_no=782434

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