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I Married a Monster on a Hill Launches Official Patreon to Fund Their Team and Project!

All Ages of Geek Launches “I Married a Monster on a Hill” Patreon!

We are excited to announce the launch of the official Patreon for our original project, I Married a Monster on a Hill. This is your go-to place to support the upcoming Visual Novel/Interactive Fiction game, animation, and ongoing comic set in the enchanting world of Willowgrove Hills. Join us as we explore love, friendship, and heartfelt drama in a slice-of-life journey that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit. (18+ only)


Here’s what you can expect on our Patreon:

  • Early Updates and Sneak Peeks: Stay in the loop with the latest happenings and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.
  • Become Part of the Story: See your likeness or character become part of the I Married a Monster on a Hill comic.
  • Monthly Sketches: Enjoy sketches of your favorite couples from the series.
  • Influence the Story: Propose and vote on scenarios for our monthly comic.

Get ready for the launch of our official I Married a Monster on a Hill: Dates Visual Novel with exciting new tiers on the way!

About the Project

Dive into the quirky and unpredictable world of Willowgrove Hills, a heartwarming adventure that explores slice-of-life scenarios with a special focus on marriage. From a visual novel game and animation to a comic series, I Married a Monster on a Hill promises a continuously expanding universe filled with love, laughter, and delightful surprises.

In Willowgrove Hills, you’ll guide the storylines of charming characters, experiencing everything from the tender moments of newfound love to the whimsical routines of married bliss. Each character has a unique story, making it easy to relate to them on a personal level.

How Your Support Helps

Your support on Patreon helps us bring this enchanting world to life! Here’s a breakdown of where your contributions go:

  • Funding the Project: As indie creators, your support is vital to bringing this passion project to life.
  • Visual Novel Art, Voice Acting, and Music: Fund the beautiful art, voice acting, and enchanting music for our visual novel and animation.
  • Character Designs and Emotion Packs: Create detailed character designs, expressive emotion packs, and dynamic poses.
  • Couple Art: Develop adorable and romantic couple art.
  • Expanding Our Universe: Create more games, animation, and comic works.
  • Marketing: Reach a wider audience through effective marketing strategies.
  • Continuing the Adventure: Ensure the adventures in Willowgrove Hills continue to grow and flourish.

Our Goals

  • Expand the Game and Animation: Develop new levels, episodes, and animated shorts.
  • Grow the Characters: Dive deeper into the lives of our characters.
  • Create More Stories and Games: Develop new narratives and mini-games.
  • Fund Our Full Game and Mini-Games: Complete the development of our visual novel and related mini-games.

Join us on this heartwarming journey and explore the delightful town of Willowgrove Hills.

Stay updated on all the latest from I Married a Monster on a Hill! Follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes content, sneak peeks, and exciting announcements. See everything first on Patreon!

For more information, visit our Patreon page and join our community today!

All Ages of Geek is a fully independent media platform, brought to life and sustained by the dedication of two sisters and the generous support of our community through donations. We’re passionate about creating content that resonates with our audience, and we’re excited to share our latest project with you—an upcoming game developed with our unique vision and creativity. Explore our other content and see how you can support our journey. Your engagement and contributions make a significant difference. Thank you for being part of our story.

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