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Indie Animation Spotlight: An Interview with the Creators of “Heathens” – A Dark Fantasy Action-Comedy

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creator of “Heathens”! If you are interested in learning more about this story and indie animation please be sure to check out them out HERE! Perhaps this interview will inspire you to continue your projects!

1. Tell us about Heathens

Heathens is an action-comedy dark-fantasy story about demons, devotion, and an era coming to an end. 

The show follows a trio of demonic best friends who fuck around and find out, but are ultimately searching for meaning and what it truly is that motivates them to keep on living. 

It’s super similar to character-driven anime we’re obsessed with – so if you’re into shows with expansive word building, full-throttle fight sequences and a bit of mystery it’s definitely for you!!

2. What inspired your project?

Heathens is inspired by a lot of anime I’ve watched, though I think the biggest one is One Piece tbh. I would never have been as motivated to expand the Heathens universe and flesh out everything if it weren’t for the insane story and world building I experienced from watching/reading it! There’s so many intricate details that breathe life into the world and make it feel like it functions independently from the story itself. I want the same for Heathens. 

Now, I’ve got it to the point that I could dump the characters in some vague starting scenario and the story would just write itself based on how the world works and characters themselves interact with it hehe. I’ve thought of so many accidental bangers because of it lol

3. What advice would you give to new indie animators?

Research, research, research! So many free resources and answers are out there, learn as much as you can before diving into whatever it is you want to do! Especially if you’re leading a team, you need to know what you’re doing. 

Save yourself a headache and establish your pipeline from start to finish, then make proof of concepts to ensure they work. There’s so many people who want to be showrunners but don’t realize the sheer amount of responsibility that comes with it, especially if you’re building a crew from the ground up because then you gotta be a director at the same time!

4. Biggest success story so far

Some of our personal heroes and pretty cool people have their eyes on us hehe, though we can’t want to say too much! Aside from that, our biggest success is the fan response!! We’re so happy to see a community forming around the characters.

5. Goals for the animation?

Heathens means a lot to me and many others, so really our big goal is to make this series happen, tell this incredible story until the end, and hopefully you guys will connect!

6. Thoughts on our platform All Ages of Geek. How can we make it a better place to support indie creators?

I think what you guys are doing is sick, us little guys are honored to be interviewed and to be given a chance to talk about our project to more people!! Thank you for giving us a voice! I’m not too sure how else you can make it better but I think doing a podcast is a great step in that direction!

7. How did you come up with the character designs?

The Heathens character designs need a lot of in-universe considerations e.g affiliations, species, status, etc etc all the usual worries. For the trio specifically I designed them around their work: Aura – Hunter, Axel – Sentinel, Carlos – Blacksmith. There’s some other technical aspects but I don’t want to drag on too long hahah, I can feel myself about to go on a tangent!

8. If you could pick one character to hang out with who would it be and why?

Of the trio, I’d pick Axel because he’s the most fun to hang around and easiest to bully >:) I’d be too intimidated by the other two tbh

9. What are you working on now?

We’re currently busy diving into logistics for the Kickstarter fulfillment period and picking the pace back up in production! Lots of cool things happened along the way so we’re scrambling to sort through everything hahaha THE GRIND NEVER STOPSSSSSS

10. Where can folks support your work?

You can support and share us around on Twitter (@StudioPsycho), Insta (@ Studio.Psycho) and other platforms via our website! https://studiopsycho.com We have some other places cooking up as well, so stay tuned 😉

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