Crunchyroll Crushes Fan Freedom: Silencing Thoughts and Beliefs by Removing Comments!

by: Rachel H.

Crunchyroll The Latest Company to Ignore Paying Customers

Crunchyroll, the beloved platform for anime fans worldwide, has decided to take a drastic and disappointing step: removing the comments section. Yes, you heard that right. The same company that thrives on the passionate engagement of its user base is now shutting down one of the most vital means of fan interaction.

The official statement from Crunchyroll reads, “At Crunchyroll, we prioritize creating a safe and respectful community environment. To maintain this standard, we are removing all existing user-generated content, including comments, across all our platforms and experiences. The user ratings system will, however, remain allowing you to express your opinions through star ratings.” But let’s be real here, this move feels more like a blatant attempt to silence users than a genuine concern.

Fans are furious, and rightfully so. This decision reeks of a company trying to dodge accountability and shut down any criticism. Instead of addressing issues head-on or engaging in meaningful dialogue with their paying customers, Crunchyroll has opted to strip away a vital platform for user feedback. Also it’s not that hard to hire mods. You make MILLIONS of dollars on a platform you claim is about community.

It’s not just about comments on shows; it’s about the principle. Fans use comments to voice their opinions on everything from company decisions to the quality of highly promoted series. These are the voices of the people who keep Crunchyroll alive, the ones who subscribe, support, and keep the platform buzzing with activity.

By removing comments, Crunchyroll is sending a clear message: they don’t care about what their users think. They’re more interested in controlling the narrative and avoiding the hard truths that come with open, honest feedback. The user ratings system might remain, but let’s face it, star ratings don’t capture the depth and breadth of user sentiment the way comments do.

The irony here is thick. A platform that thrives on fan engagement now seems determined to stifle it. This move undermines the trust and loyalty of the very community that has supported Crunchyroll for years.

Instead of listening to their customers, choose to silence them. Fans deserve better. They deserve to be heard, respected, and valued. Removing comments is not the way to foster a safe, respectful environment—it’s a way to shut down criticism and dissent.

Crunchyroll, it’s time to rethink this decision. Listen to your fans, engage with their feedback, and respect the voices that have made you what you are today. Silencing users is not the answer. Ignoring the opinions of paying customers is a surefire way to lose the very community that funds you.

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