HunieCam Studio: The Ultimate Lewd Cam Girl Empire

Alright, get ready to dive into the twisted, hilarious, and totally perverted world of HunieCam Studio. This game puts you in charge of a sleazy cam girl operation, where the goal is to rake in stacks of filthy internet money and attract as many disgusting fans as possible. If you’re into fast-paced, click-happy, and thoroughly […]

SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS: More Fun, More Bounce, More Lewd Battles!

An illustration promoting a lewd game review titled 'Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.' The image features two anime-style characters wearing pink and white lingerie. One character has black hair and brown eyes, holding a pink sword, and the other character has black hair and green eyes, smiling mischievously. The background includes another character in pink lingerie. The text 'Lewd Game Review!' is displayed in bold white and green lettering on the top left, and the 'All Ages of Geek' logo is in the bottom right corner.

We’re diving headfirst into the wild, bouncy, and downright chaotic world of SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS. This game takes the usual shinobi madness and cranks it up to eleven with more moves, more characters, and way more fun. If you’re into sexy, scandalous, and seriously action-packed adventures, this one’s got your name all over it. […]

Beach Bounce: Summer Lewd Fun or Bust?

An illustration promoting a lewd game review titled 'Beach Bounce.' The image features five anime-style characters in bikinis posing together by a pool. The characters have different hair colors: white, teal, red, purple, and light blue. The background shows a clear blue sky with some clouds. The text 'Lewd Game Review!' is displayed in bold white and green lettering on the top left, and the 'All Ages of Geek' logo is in the bottom right corner.

It’s time to hit the beach with Beach Bounce, where our boy Tomoyo is ready for a summer of fun, relaxation, and maybe a little romance. He’s chilling at his grandma Umi’s beach resort, looking to turn his life around and forget the past. But you know there’s always a catch, right? His summer plans […]

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash: The Wettest, Wildest Water Gun Lewd Fight!

Get ready to soak up the sun and splash your way to victory with SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash! This game takes the usual ninja battles and flips them on their heads, turning our favorite buxom shinobi students into water gun warriors. If you’re into high-flying hijinks, bouncy fun, and a whole lot of wet […]

Gal*Gun Returns: The Ultimate On-Rail Lewd Shooter Experience

An anime-style character with purple hair and red eyes, winking and smiling with an arm outstretched. The character is wearing a sailor-style school uniform. Text on the image reads 'Lewd Game Review!' in bold white and green lettering. A logo in the bottom right corner says 'All Ages of Geek' with colorful text.

Back with more Lewd Game Reviews with Gal*Gun Returns! Here we go, lewd game lovers! This game takes the classic on-rails shooter and adds a healthy dose of ecchi goodness. Imagine fending off hordes of love-struck girls with nothing but your Pheromone Shots and your charm. This is just some offbeat fun, Gal*Gun Returns promises […]

Life is Strange Game Writing and how to do it!

This image captures a tense moment from the video game "Life is Strange," featuring Chloe Price and Max Caulfield. In the scene, Chloe, recognizable with her striking blue hair and tattoos, is pointing a gun while Max, seen from behind, is observing the situation. They are in a junkyard, a significant location in the game that serves as a backdrop for many crucial narrative developments. The atmosphere is thick with suspense and the complexity of their friendship. This visual emphasizes themes of choice, consequences, and the intense emotional journey the characters endure.

Alright, buckle up, folks! I’m usually for fast-paced shooters, RPGs and lewd visual novels, but I also got a soft spot for games with killer narratives that make you feel all the feels. We’re talking about those heavy-hitting visual novel-style games where you control the character and explore the world. “Life is Strange” is the […]

Life is Strange: Double Exposure Collector’s Box Preorder – Chill Out, Haters!

Life is Strange: Double Exposure Safi and Max looking off camera at something in the foreground, art pictures and drinks are behind them with a purple and red light the All Ages of Geek logo on the right bottom.

Alright, peeps, buckle up! The Life is Strange: Double Exposure Collector’s Box is up for preorder exclusively on the Square Enix Store. This bad boy is in limited quantities, so if you’re a true fan, you better snag one before they’re all gone! I’ll be preordering Life is Strange: Double Exposure on the Switch so […]

Hilarious Adult Swim Cartoons that have Blessed our Screens!

Hey folks, let’s dive into the wild world of Adult Swim, the late-night playground for adults who haven’t quite said goodbye to cartoons. Grab your snacks (no, not the healthy kind) and let’s get into some of the most hilariously notorious shows that have blessed our screens. “Rick and Morty” – The Mad Science Class […]

Who is the New Maid? – Lewd Game Review

Who is the New Maid - Lewd Game Review Thumbnail

Get ready to slip into the scandalous shoes of Stephanie, the bold and responsible eldest sister tasked with vetting the new maid—a figure wrapped in rumors as contentious as the pineapple on pizza debate. “Who is the New Maid?”Play the game on Unravel the Rumors in “Who is the New Maid?” The manor is […]

A Very Paige Party – Lewd Game Review

A Very Paige Party - Lewd Game Review Thumbnail

Stuck in a holiday snooze-fest? Well, Paige and the gang have cooked up just the antidote in “A Very Paige Party”. Think of it as your personal holiday miracle turned video game, flipping a boring night into an epic quest that could rival a Vegas escapade.  “A Very Paige Party”Play the game on What’s […]