Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always Review

As an avid Power Rangers fan growing up, the new seasons of Power Rangers never seem to intrigue me as much as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers did. Despite all the corny jokes and cheesy lines they always used to say, growing up becoming a Power Ranger was my dream. I’m not going to lie even […]

What’s Been In My Anime Rotation?

All Ages of Geek Anime

When people think of anime, a lot of people probably think of mainstream shows like Demon Slayer, Jujitsu Kaisen, Naruto, One Piece, Dragonball Z, etc. While I admit these shows are great, I’ve come to enjoy these fewer mainstream animes that are just as enticing.  Granted these days instead of action, I’ve been watching a […]

‘Hi Score Girl’ Anime Review You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Hi Score Girl All Ages of Geek picture of characters

The dream for anyone who games is to find a partner who also plays. It almost feels as if it’s finding a four-leaf clover. You have to get really lucky.  Synopsis Haruo is a guy who only cares about video games. After school, you can find him at the arcade playing Street Fighter. Playing video […]

The Glory: Not Your Typical K-Drama

All Ages of Geek The Glory Netflix

When people think of Korean Dramas, they think of a story with an unexpected beginning and a happy ending. Most Korean dramas follow the same storyline so it can be overplayed. However, “The Glory” breaks the stereotypes of Korean dramas. Synopsis Moon Dong Eun was bullied throughout high school. She was targeted for bullying and […]

Lookism: The Sad Reality of Society

All Ages of Geek Lookism

At the end of 2022, Netflix announced a new show called Lookism, a Korean manhwa. While the show is based in Korea, I think a lot of people, particularly those of Asian descent, can relate a lot due to the nature of the show. I recommend this show if you are looking for a change […]