An Honest RWBY ComicCon @Home Reaction

Wednesday to Sunday of last week was filled with news of all kinds for geeks of all background. I didn’t really look at any of the programming personally aside from the RoosterTeeth panel on Saturday and 4PM EST. Even then, I skipped over about 80% of it. The panel included information about an upcoming Transformers series as well as stuff about the new Red versus Blue one. 

The RWBY portion was hyped up and it was…severely underwhelming. It was about the last 10ish minutes of the 40-minute pre-recorded panel. 

The first bit of news was them pairing with artist Babs Tar for new merch. 

I’ve seen some people say they think the art style is weird and offputting and I can’t blame them. We haven’t really seen the girls drawn like this in an official capacity. I don’t think it necessarily works with Ruby and Blake in terms of facial structure, but I think it looks fine for Yang and Weiss looks just fantastic in this drawing. I think the style is supposed to be somewhat reminiscent of fashion drawings. The long, thin limbs and the very exaggerated curves for hourglass figures… That’s what it makes me think of. 

Honestly, I do love Weiss in this drawing… I mean she’s best girl so it’s no surprise. But this honestly what I think she’d wear in some sort of modern college AU or something at least early out of Schnee manor. It’s just so bougie and stylish that it feels like it just hits the nail on the head.

The others are just ‘eh’ to me. 

Of course, the next piece of information was what we were ALL waiting for: VOLUME 7 SOUNDTRACK ON THE 31ST!!!

Like everybody else, I was screaming over that. We’ve all been waiting for it for what feels like an eternity at this point. 

One of my predictions was proven right about the track listing after it showed up on Google Play for preorder: we heard all the vocal tracks during the volume. After the volume ended, I counted up all the tracks and realised there were nine. Sometimes they can slip in another track they didn’t play during the episodes. But 7-9 tends to be the number of tracks per volume. It was a little saddening to know there’s nothing new new, but it was expected.

I May Fall acoustic though? YES PLEASE.

I don’t care a whole lot about the remixes. That sort of thing just isn’t my personal cup of tea.

I just can’t wait to see where these songs personally fall on my list… 

The next piece of news was they’re partnering with GoodSmile for more toy/figurine merch. It’s…It’s exactly what it says on the tin. I don’t have anything to comment on since I’m not much of a figurine person. If I were, I’d probably be off the walls. But I’m not. 

The next bit was some Q&A about RWBY in general. 

The main point that caught people’s attention was Barb’s summation of V8. Of course, nothing was given away, but the theme of the volume is “distrust.” 

Now that is extremely interesting considering the theme of V7 was trust. I mean the theme song is called “Trust Love” for god’s sake… 

“I feel like, especially with Yang, I feel like an overall theme is just because you like someone and respect someone or is close to them doesn’t necessarily mean you have to agree with everything they do or say.”


It’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

The last big bit of excitement was the 30 second teaser clip which was so much fun to watch. It was just them screwing around on hoverbikes. 

And Yang was adorable of course.

It does raise a lot of questions about the end of V7 and why things aren’t as grim (hah) as they should be. Even in a dark situation, it doesn’t mean it has to be grizzly all the time. You can still have levity and, frankly, you need it to balance things out. Being dark and hard all the time honestly just wears people out. I remember there’s a season of Supernatural which is the literal apocalypse happening. I got some serious arc fatigue because it just went on too long and just because things were grim so much. 

Of course, it also raises questions for the context of this and a ton of others. Where are the others? Why is Yang only with the boys? How did Oscar get back with them? Where are they in Mantle? Why do they have hoverbikes? Were they gifted or are they being stolen?

I’m sure we’ll get these answers in V8. 

The thing that makes me go “guys, what are you thinking” is the fact that they’re doing all of this in public. And they have an arrest warrant out for them. 

But, again, we lack the full context so who knows what’s going on. 

So yeah, this bit of news was pretty underwhelming, but there was still some good stuff in there!

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