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All Ages of Geek and Gacriva Studio Announce Exciting New Partnership!

We’re excited to announce that All Ages of Geek is teaming up with Gacriva Studio, an awesome indie game studio based in the EU! Together, we’ll support each other and help both our communities grow.

Gacriva Studio is creating an amazing world called the Flagstone universe. They have two projects in the works: “Flagstone: Dreams of God” and “Flagstone: Getae Legacy.”

“Flagstone: Dreams of God” lets players explore the magical world of Duende with lots of creative freedom. “Flagstone: Getae Legacy” mixes history, culture, and mythology in the fascinating world of Getae.

Here’s how we’ll help each other grow:

  • All Ages of Geek will spread the word about Gacriva Studio’s projects, play their games, and share updates with our audience.
  • Gacriva Studio will collaborate with us on content, bringing fresh and exciting material to our community. Gajda Andreea will be working with All Ages of Geek directly! Gajda Andreea is a PR Executive at Gacriva Studio!

We’re looking forward to this partnership and can’t wait to see the incredible games Gacriva Studio will create. Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this exciting journey!

About All Ages of Geek 

All Ages of Geek is your go-to place for geek culture content, including articles, podcasts, and gameplay. We love supporting indie creators and sharing their projects with the world.

About Gacriva Studio 

Gacriva Studio is an indie game development studio in the EU, dedicated to creating immersive gaming experiences through their Flagstone universe.

For more information, visit All Ages of Geek and Gacriva Studio.

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