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A New Challenger Approaches: New Super Smash Bros Character in This Week’s Nintendo Direct!

A New Foe Has Appeared!

Smash Bros. Ultimate fans rejoice! For those who have been waiting to find out who the fifth and final fighter is this season’s DLC, you don’t have to wait much longer!

Nintendo has announced that they will be unveiling a new fighter to the roster of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on January 16 this Thursday. That’s right, this Thursday at 6AM PT/ 9AM ET. The Nintendo Direct will run for about 35 minutes so we’ll most likely get a hefty in-depth look at the character and how they will fare against the rest. Maybe even some additional announcements alongside the character reveal.

Obviously, this won’t be the final character that Nintendo will be adding. Nintendo has confirmed last September that more DLC characters are in development. After last year’s latest Nintendo Direct, game director Masahiro Sakurai stated, “To me, it feels like the finish line is sliding farther away,” Sakurai said. “You may wonder, ‘How much longer can he be involved in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?’ But I’m also excited. Adding more characters into the game will mean that more worlds will be added to the series. And ultimately, that will mean that there will be an even greater opportunity to delight the fans.” So, if it turns out the character you’re hoping for is not the one, fear not there is still hope!


As the Internet eagerly waits for the announcement on Thursday, the Internet is doing what it does best in these trying times of waiting, overreading. The Internet is currently speculating on the promotional image of Sakurai in Nintendo’s latest tweet about the livestream announcement. The image shows Sakurai in what looks like a peace sign but with three fingers up. This could simply be a cute image of Sakurai throwing up a clumsy peace sign, but in the hands of the Internet it is something more.

Many have dissected what the three numbered peace sign means. Is it a pose similar to another character like Crash Bandicoot or Sonic? Or is it representative of a game title like Devil May Cry 3 or Kingdom Hearts 3? The possibilities are endless. It’s most likely that the promo image means nothing but it’s still fun nonetheless to see theories even the most ridiculous

Sakurai has created a game with such a wide variety of characters that it could easily triumph Avengers End Game as the most ambitious crossover ever. It’s just so exciting to see the world of Smash Bros get bigger by the day.

Could it be Waluigi will finally have his spot? Or will it be Goku? Smash Bros. has the tendency to cast a wide net when it comes to characters for their roster. I have really high hopes for Sora from Kingdom Hearts. We’ll just have to wait until then to see what Nintendo has in store for us!

In the meantime, while I wait for Sora, be sure to check out our Kingdom Hearts live streams! Our Kingdom Hearts Livestreams are every Tuesday and Thursday on Twitch!

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