**Image Description:** The image showcases a colorful array of nostalgic 90s school supplies. On the left, there are pencils with various fun and whimsical pencil top erasers, including animals, flowers, and hearts. Below them are Troll Pencil Toppers with vibrant, fluffy hair. On the right, there is a rainbow-like display of Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers in various colors. The "All Ages of Geek" logo is positioned in the bottom right corner. The background features a gradient of bright, cheerful colors, enhancing the playful and nostalgic theme.

Top 7 Nostalgic School Supplies from the 90s & Early 2000s!

Hey 90s kids! Remember when school supplies were the coolest part of the day? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive some of our favorite items that made school so much fun.

1. Smencils Scented Pencils

Smencils were the best! These pencils didn’t just write—they smelled amazing. From fruity to sweet scents, writing homework was never more fun.

2. Pencil Top Erasers

Pencil top erasers came in all shapes and colors. They turned boring pencils into mini masterpieces and made erasing mistakes fun.

3. Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Pens

These pens added sparkle to every note and doodle. The metallic ink shimmered on the page, making every project look extra special.

4. Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers

Mr. Sketch markers were a must-have. Each color had a unique scent, making art projects a fragrant adventure. Plus, they were washable!

5. Scratch N Sniff Stickers

Collecting and trading Scratch N Sniff Stickers was the highlight of school days. These stickers came in fun designs and scents, perfect for notebooks and rewards.

6. Neon Colored Pencil Grips

Neon pencil grips added a pop of color and comfort to writing. These squishy grips were perfect for long writing sessions and looked super cool.

7. Troll Pencil Toppers

Troll Pencil Toppers with their colorful hair and cute faces made every pencil a fun companion. Styling their hair during class was a bonus!

Relive the Magic

There you have it—seven school supplies that made the 90s awesome. What was your favorite? Let’s celebrate the 90s and all its fun, colorful school gear!

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