Fairy Tail Reaction: Episode 2 Breakdown and Review

Fairy Tail Episode 2 with Taurus the Bull laying on an ice covered floor with the All Ages of Geek logo and words Episode by Episode on the top.

Welcome back, Fairy Tail fans! It’s time to dive into Fairy Tail Episode 2, where the magic and mayhem continue. Get ready for some wild adventures and epic battles as we explore this rad episode. And remember to watch the Fairy Tail Episode 2 Reaction on All Ages of Geek’s Patreon! And before Fairy Tail […]

Fairy Tail Reaction: Episode 1 Breakdown and Review

Looking for Fairy Tail Reactions? How about a Fairy Tail Episode 1 Reaction? Alright, dudes and dudettes, let’s dive into the rad and magical world of Fairy Tail! We’re talking about the very first episode that kicks off this epic journey. If you haven’t checked it out yet, buckle up, ’cause it’s a wild ride! […]

What is Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom?

Three colorful Tamagotchi characters are seen inside a vibrant, animated setting. One orange character is peeking from behind a column, a green character is sitting on a pink and blue couch, and a yellow character with a blue hat is seated nearby. The background features cheerful colors and whimsical designs. The title "Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom" is prominently displayed in the center, with the "All Ages of Geek" logo in the bottom right corner.

From the beloved virtual friends franchise comes a new adventure for everyone. Welcome to Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom! Join our adorable hero Mametchi as he travels far and wide across the world to solve problems, make friends, and use the power of happiness to restore the kingdom. Build and decorate your wilderness camp and invite your […]

Interior Designer gets a demo at Steam Next Fest in June 2024!

Interior Designer image of room and logo on all ages of geek

Unleash Your Creativity with Interior Designer: The Ultimate Fusion of The Sims and House Flipper Create stunning designs, take on client projects, or challenge fellow designers. Interior Designer is more than just building houses; it’s about building your career. Interior Designer combines the best elements of The Sims and House Flipper, offering a seamless interior […]

Our Exclusive Interview with Snowhaven Studios on “Love’s Crescendo”

Two women are in a cozy, softly-lit room playing music together. One woman with dark skin and brown hair is smiling and playing an acoustic guitar, while the other woman with light skin and long blonde hair is focused on playing the piano. Musical notes float around them, adding to the warm and harmonious atmosphere. Love's Crescendo_All_Ages_Of_Geek

We had the opportunity to talk with Snowhaven Studios about their visual novel rhythm game “Love’s Crescendo”! This unique and heartwarming game, set in a university, highlights the wholesome romance between two women as they reignite their passion for music. Yuri fans are sure to love this! 1. Tell us about Love’s Crescendo  Love’s Crescendo […]