PAX East Returns As It Celebrates 20 Years

PAX East has brought gamers and enthusiasts from all over to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to celebrate video games. The four-day event has celebrated the video game industry through demos, panels, performances, and tournaments. The huge space in South Boston has been home to PAX East since 2010, which was started by the […]

“Haunted House Renovator” Highlights from PAX East 2024

At PAX East 2024, we got an exciting peek at “Haunted House Renovator”, where fixing up houses meets ghost busting! This game is all about turning spooky houses into cozy homes, but with a twist – you have to clear out the ghosts too! Renovate and Ghost-Bust As a paranormal renovator, you’re not just picking […]

Chill Out, WEBTOON: Let’s Talk Censorship

Hey gather around the bonfire of creativity and let’s talk about something that’s been irking the indie comic scene – yeah, I’m pointing at you, WEBTOON. It’s like they’re the overprotective parent at a college party, hovering over the keg, ensuring no one’s having “too much fun.” But here’s the kicker: it seems like their […]

Guide to Finding Geek Culture Spots on Google Maps

Hey there! If you’re a gay geek in Jersey (or anywhere on the map lol) like me, looking to find cool spots where you can geek out and feel totally welcome, I’ve got a simple guide for you. Here’s how I use Google Maps to uncover the best places around. 1. Start with a Quick […]

5 Cozy Indie Games to Make You Happy

Hey there, cozy gamers and indie game dev supporters! It’s Alex, your guide to all things snug and digital. Ready to dive into a new batch of indie games that’ll make your heart feel like it’s wrapped in a warm blanket? These games are invitations to worlds where chill vibes rule and every puzzle solved […]