Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always Review

As an avid Power Rangers fan growing up, the new seasons of Power Rangers never seem to intrigue me as much as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers did. Despite all the corny jokes and cheesy lines they always used to say, growing up becoming a Power Ranger was my dream. I’m not going to lie even […]

Good Otome Games for the Switch?

Oh, the Switch, Nintendo’s charming console that’s as versatile as a Transformer, minus the whole saving the planet gig. Now, let me tell you about a little secret passion of mine, something that might raise an eyebrow or earn a nod of respect from the enlightened few: Otome games. Yes, my friends, beneath the exterior […]

What are some facts about the Tower of God anime?

The “Tower of God” anime, known in Japanese as “Kami no Tou,” is an adaptation of the South Korean webtoon of the same name by SIU (Slave In Utero). Here are some facts about the anime: The anime adaptation has introduced a whole new audience to the “Tower of God” universe and has been a […]

Anime NYC 2023: Fate Grand Order Panel

Anime NYC All Ages of Geek

Fate Grand Order lands in Anime NYC after years of popularity with its ever-growing fan base through shows and the popular mobile game. Joining on stage with thousands of fans in attendance were voice actors Haruki Ishiya and Kengo Kawanishi as well as producer Albert Kao and FGO’s second section director Kanou Yoshiki. The panel went […]

Anime NYC 2023: Mobile Suit Gundam – The Witch From Mercury Panel

Anime NYC All Ages of Geek

The latest Gundam series Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury has helped revitalize the mecha franchise since its premiere last year. After airing its finale last summer, audiences are still reeling from the amazing series and its main characters Suletta and Miorine. For the first time at Anime NYC, Japanese voice actresses Kana Ichinose and Lynn […]