RWBY Unbiased – Volume 1 Chapter 3: The First Step

All Ages of Geek RWBY Volume 1 Chapter 3

by: @arkd3v I liked RWBY Volume 1, Chapter 3, the First Step. This episode follows the day after the sleepover, a treasure hunt through a Grimm-infested forest. You know what that means! WE GET TO SEE GRIMM! The episode begins with two new characters introducing themselves, Nora and Ren. We get a cute, well-edited scene […]

Sword Art Online Unital Ring 2 – Review

All Ages of Geek Sword Art Online Unital Ring 2

by: Gen/Esis After the intermission that was the short story collection Kiss and Fly, we finally return to the mysterious world of Unital Ring in Sword Art Online: Unital Ring 2. Even if I’m still not happy that the arc had to be separated between 1 and 2, the volume more than makes up for […]

We Interviewed Voice Actor & Artist Vera Tan

All Ages of Geek Vera Tan Voice Actor

Hello! I’m Vera Tan, a Singaporean Australian voice actor, and I’ve been doing this for about 1.5 years, but I’ve been singing for 10 to 15 (depending on whether you think just practicing without classes counts)! It’s pretty common for a lot of voice actors to have a background in music and theatre. I’m also […]

The Cootie Wars Author Kofi Houston Interview | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

All Ages of Geek The Cootie Wars Author Kofi Houston

Kofi Houston, author of The Cootie Wars series stopped by All Ages of Geek to talk all about his debut published book The Cootie Wars: Rise of the Germaphobes, his inspirations as a writer and how he honors God in every project he works on. The wonderful part of this article is how Kofi talks […]

Byzantine Chess App Review!

All Ages of Geek Byzantine Chess app

The “Byzantine Chess” game is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind circular chess game available onGoogle Play. It brings back to digital life a circular chess game that was popular in the 10th century in the Byzantine Empire. As a player, you get the opportunity to revive this historical game and play it with advanced 2D […]