The Last of Us Part 2: Is it Really That Bad?

The Last of Us, a game developed by Naughty Dog that was, and still is, highly praised by gamers from all over. Ever since the ending, fans have been waiting patiently for the possible sequel, and now, after being revealed in 2016, we are finally able to experience the continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story. […]

Tips with Tat About Teamwork Tips With Tat On this episode of Tips with Tat, Tat and Kat discuss the importance of Teamwork together and what that means when working on group projects. About Tips With Tat Need a little pep talk for the day? How about a reminder that you are awesome and that’s it’s okay to feel […]

The Book Trader in Clark New Jersey | On the Road with All Ages of Geek |by: Tatiana Stec All Ages of Geek has some exciting news for businesses around the Tri-State area. We will be helping small local businesses as they reopen after COVID-19 impacted them. Not only will we be helping produce commercial works, virtual tours, and interviews, you the viewer, will get to learn more about small […]